Judge you wanna hear my plea
Before you open up your court
I don’t want no sympathy
‘Cause I just cut my good man’s throat

I caught him with one of them triflings Janes
I warned them lots of times before
This time I pull my knife and I went insane
Now the rest you already know

So judge, please Mr. Judge
Send me to the ‘lectric chair
Judge, please Mr. Judge
I just wanna get away from here

I wanna take a journey
To the devil down below
I killed my man
I wanna reap what I sow

So judge, please Mr judge
Send me to the ‘lectric chair
lordy lordy judge
Send me to the ‘lectric chair

Please judge and jury
You know I loved him so dear
Cause I cut him with my barlow
Kicked him in his side
I stood there laugh’ while he died
So judge, lordy  lordy judge
send me to the ‘lectric chair

One more time
Judge, send me to the ‘lectric chair
Burn me ‘cause I don’t care
I don’t want no (…)
To go my bail
Don’t want to spend no
Ninety-nine years in jail
So judge, judge, please Mr judge
Just send me, send me to the ‘lectric chair